CAST R&D Projects - WVU


Solid-Solid Separations

WV002 - Separation of Small Particles Due To Density Difference in a CFB Riser System
WV007 - Column Flotation of Relative Coarse and Fine Dolomitic Phosphate Pebbles
WV009 - Dry Particle Separation in a CFB Riser System

Solid-Liquid Separations

WV004 - New Strategies for Dewatering Coals

Hydrometollurgy: Chemical/Biological Separation

WV001 - Novel Bioleaching Technology Assisted by Electrolytic Processes
WV005 - Coal Desufurization Using Hypochlorite and Cupric Ion as a Catalyst - Feasibility Study
WV010 -Development of Chemical and Biochemical Techniques for the Extraction of Mercury from
Fine Coal Particle Solutions
WV011 - Coal Desulfurization with Hypochlorite
WV012 - Phyto-Extraction/Fabrication of Gold Nanoparticles


WV003 - Development of Electrochemical Sensor for On-site Monitoring of Heavy Metal Ions in Coal Processing and Utilization
WV006 - Column Flotation of Fine Dolomitic Phosphate by Selective Fatty Acid Collectors
WV008 - On-Line Monitoring and Diagnosing of Coal Fines during Separation Process
WV013 - Portable sensor for detecting mercury and other heavy metals encountered in coal processing and utilization

Environmental Control

WV014 - Recovery of Chromium and Arsenic from Toxic Waste Stream by Reactive Polymer-Coated Absorbents

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