3rd US-China Clean Energy Workshop
October 18-19, 2004

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Time Speaker Organization Title
Sunday, October 17, 2004
Early Evening Registration and Reception at Radisson Hotel
Monday, October 18, 2004
Plenary Session
8:15 Dr. Richard Bajura WVU Call to order, housekeeping, announcements
8:20 Dr. David Hardesty WVU Welcome Remarks from WVU President
8:35 Mr. Judd Swift DOE Opening Remarks from U.S.
8:50 Mr. Zhengce Linghu Shanxi Province Development and Reform Commission Opening Remarks from China
9:05 Mr. Bruce Blakeman DOC Doing Business in China
9:30 Break
Session 1- Perspectives on the Coal Energy System
Session Chair: Professor S. T. Hsieh
10:00 Dr. Steven Zhou Asian American Coal, Inc. TBD
10:30 Dr. Richard Bajura WVU Coal Research at WVU
11:00 Mr. Zhengce Linghu Shanxi Province Development and Reform Commission Market Based Approaches for Energy and Environmental Management
11:30 Dr. Peter Rozelle DOE Power Generation from Coal Waste in the U.S.
12:00 Lunch- Speaker: Ms. Rita A. Bajura, DOE
Session 2- Advanced Concepts in Coal Based Energy
Session Chair: Dr. David Wendt
1:00 Mr. Norman Shilling GE IGCC Power Systems
1:30 Professor Li Zheng Tsinghua University TBD
2:00 Mr. Scott Keim   Marshal Miller & Associates Overview of Asian American Coal, Inc.’s Coal Bed Methane Project in China
2:30 Dr. James Dooley PNNL Carbon Sequestration Capacity Mapping
3:00 Break
Session 3
3:30 Dr. Rozelle/ Dr. Tamara Vandivort DOE and WVU Open Forum on Cooperation in Coal-Based Energy
4:30 Dr. Rozelle/ Dr. Tamara Vandivort DOE and WVU Drafting of Recommendations Emerging from Open Forum on Cooperation in Coal-Based Energy
5:00 Adjourn for the Reception
6:00 Reception at Radisson Hotel, Waterfront, Morgantown, WV
(Sponsored by Asian American Coal, Inc.)
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
8:25 Dr. Pete Rozelle DOE Call to order and announcements
Session 4: Environmental Improvements in the Municipal and Industrial Heating Sectors
Session Chair: Dr. Peter Rozelle
8:30 Professor Wang Yanjia   Tsinghua University  
9:00 Dr. Xing Yongjie City of Beijing Beijing Olympic Cleanup Program
9:30 Dr. Guangwei Huang H&J Incorporated Reduction of Emissions from District Heating Systems in China
10:00 Mr. Fred Benit Louisiana Steam Equipment Company Improvements for District Heating Systems
10:30 Break
Session 5: Applications for Clean Coal Technologies
Session Chair: Dr. Richard Bajura
11:00 Dr. David Wendt JHCGA U.S.-China Clean Energy Initiative
11:30 Dr. Jerry Fletcher and Dr. Qingyun Sun WVU Shenhua China Liquefaction Project
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Ms. Hu Yuhong China Coal Association The Impact of Coal on the Environment in China
1:30 Mr. Scott Smouse DOE US Federal Clean Coal Technology Program Overview
2:00 Break
Session 6
2:30 Dr. Huang and Mr. Benit H&J and LSE Open Forum and Discussion on Heating System Environmental Improvements
3:30 Dr. Huang and Mr. Benit H&J and LSE Drafting of Recommendations emerging from Open Forum Discussion on Heating System Improvements
4:00 Adjourn

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