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Richard Bajura, NRCCE

Richard Barjura

NRCCE Director
Phone: 304-293-6034

For the past 30 years, Dr. Richard Bajura served in various roles, including facilitating, leading, and managing energy and environment programs in research and technical outreach at West Virginia University. He has led seven major interdisciplinary/inter-institutional research programs and multiple WVU campus-wide programs addressing a wide range of energy applications, from resource extraction to alternative fuels. He is skilled at coordinating and managing research programs involving groups of faculty members from different colleges.

As the director of the NRCCE, he oversees a research enterprise with a total annual budget averaging approximately $10 million. As an administrator, he has been instrumental in facilitating over $50 million in support for research faculty members at WVU. The NRCCE has developed financial and administrative management expertise to coordinate the efforts of faculty researchers working on joint programs.

In his earlier career as an active faculty member and researcher, Bajura’s research interests included fluid dynamics and energy processes. His professional service included leadership in the Fluids Engineering Division of ASME where he also served as vice president for the Basic Engineering Technical Group, representing one-sixth of the ASME membership and over 40 percent of the society’s technical programs. He is currently active on the ASME Energy Committee, and is a member of the National Coal Council, the Coal Utilization Research Council (CURC), the Pittsburgh Coal Conference Advisory Board, and the Washington Coal Club Board of Directors. He is the group leader for the fuels program on the CURC Technical Committee for developing a technology road map for coal R&D programs. He serves as a technical program coordinator for WVU programs under the US-China Clean Energy Research Center.