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National Research Center for Coal & Energy
P.O. Box 6064
385 Evansdale Drive
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26506
ph 304/293-2867
fax 304/293-3749
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Analytical Laboratory

Providing quality chemical and environmental solutions for your analytical testing needs

For over twelve years, the NRCCE Analytical Laboratory has supported environmental and engineering project analyses for academic, corporate, and governement clientele. Our mission is to provide high quality physical, biological, and chemical analytical testing services to WVU faculty and external researchers.

Capabilities include ICP optical emission, flame AA, Hydride Generation, Vapor Generation and Graphite Furnace spectroscopy for metals; Ion Chromatography and LaChat flow injection analysis for nutrient and ion analysis; Gas Chromatography using Mass Spec detection, along with Flame Ionization; and Thermal Conductivity and Electron Capture detection as well as HPLC analysis for your organic needs. We provide testing services for groundwater, coal ash, soil, grain, fish tissue, sewage and wastewater. Try our specially priced analytical testing packages or design your own unique custom-built package. We offer free estimates and consultation to determine your specific analytical needs.

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For information regarding services contact:
Liviu Magean
Laboratory Director
G22 NRCCE Building
PO Box 6064
Morgantown, WV 26506-6064

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The NRCCE Analytical Laboratory analyzes over 3,000 samples annually. The Lab’s clientele is composed of faculty researchers from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, Davis College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Consumer Sciences, WVU Extension Services, and the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources. The Laboratory also provides services to external clientele consisting of private contractors, consultants, and several federal and state departments. Some noteworthy studies in which the Laboratory has provided analyses include:

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ICP OES, Flame AA, & Graphite Furnace:

IC & LaChat:

Volatile & Semi Volatile Organics:

Biological & General Chemistry:

Additional Services


(Matrix includes: Water, Sewage/sludge, Sediments, Fish tissue, Solids)