workshop at a glance

updated 3/27/98

Tuesday, May 26—Afternoon tour of facilities, poster sessions, evening reception and buffet.

Wednesday, May 27—Workshop opens with 30 minutes of introductory talks, followed by an overview of the history of Central and Southern Appalachia. Stakeholder perspectives begin at 9:00 a.m. and continue into the afternoon, with the following eight sectors each presenting an overview and case study:

Afternoon includes break-out by sectors to identify key issues and current stresses within the region. Evening tour to Coopers Rock State Forest; informal reception and dinner at WVU's Westvaco Natural Resources Center.

Thursday, May 28—Morning session begins with plenary presentations by break-out groups on the key issues each group identified on Wednesday, followed by a presentation on Global and Regional Climate Change. Afternoon break-out sessions into the eight sectors will address three questions:

Afternoon plenary session will present top three findings by each breakout group for each question.

Afternoon presentation on risk assessment, followed by breakout into sectors for identification of information needs and coping strategies. Final plenary session on presentation of findings for each of the eight sectors. Dinner at the Erickson Center includes keynote address.

Friday, May 29—Breakfast and lunch provided; no formal meetings.


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