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We live in a time where we must find cleaner, more efficient, more affordable ways to produce and use energy, protect our land and water, and promote economic vitality. At the Energy Institute's National Research Center for Coal and Energy, we are seeking those possibilities.

We work closely with WVU faculty members to coordinate large-scale, multidisciplinary research and outreach programs. Established in 1979 as the Energy Research Center, today the EI/NRCCE works with more than 100 WVU faculty members and research professionals to conduct programs in:


We are dedicated to:


We create and disseminate knowledge and technologies on:

Organizationally, the NRCCE reports to the WVU Energy Institute within the Office of Research and assists with other University-wide programs, such as the NETL-Regional University Alliance.

We are a confederation of programs. Each program contributes to our vision of abundant energy and water resources, healthful environment and a robust economy. 

Our unique collection of programs makes the EI/NRCCE a valuable marketplace for solutions to America’s energy and environmental problems.