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Register now for the 2017 BAD Buildings Summit, Nov. 14

At the BAD Buildings Summit, learn how to rehabilitate Brownfields, Abandoned, and Dilapidated (BAD) Buildings in your community by networking with other leaders across the state dealing with the same challenges.

Participants will see presentations by resource providers, practitioners, and technical experts on topics including demolition, codes and ordinances, funding, resources, engaging stakeholders, and sustainable reuse options for vacant properties.

The summit will be held on Tues., Nov. 14 at the Erickson Alumni Center, 1 Alumni Drive, Morgantown, W.Va.

Learn more about the WV BAD Buildings Program at this podcast (starts at 27:38) where Gary Bowden interviews Patrick Kirby on the WAJR radio broadcast.

Go here to register for the summit.

                                                  Bad Buildings Summit Logo 2017

BAD Buildings Summit Agenda Part 1BAD Buildings Summit Agenda Part 2