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We live in a time where we must find cleaner, more efficient, more affordable ways to produce and use energy, protect our land and water, and promote economic vitality. At the Energy Institute’s National Research Center for Coal and Energy, we are seeking those possibilities.

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Advancing energy and the environment

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Find an Expert

Call our experts to see how we can partner on research proposals in areas of fuel and power, energy efficiency, environmental remediation, alternative fuels training, and rural water infrastructure.

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Review our programs to see how we are working toward our vision of abundant energy and water resources, a healthy environment, and a robust economy.

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View Our Projects

NRCCE partners with faculty and industry in response to state and federal opportunities in energy and the environment.  Here is a list of some of our current projects.

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Our certified Analytical Lab offers high quality physical, biological and chemical analytical testing. The High Bay Research Lab rents space for demonstrations of early stage technologies.

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