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Analytical Lab

We provide quality chemical and environmental testing for your analytical needs.

Since 1993, the EI/NRCCE Analytical Laboratory has supported environmental and engineering project analyses for academic, corporate, and government clientele. Our mission is to provide high quality physical, biological, and chemical analytical testing services to WVU faculty and external researchers.

Todd Vincent Analytical Lab water testing

Current facilities include

In addition, the laboratory has access to modern analytical equipment for the analysis of coal and coal-derived products, such as:

NRCCE Analytical Lab 

We provide testing services for groundwater, coal, biofuels, coal ash, soil, grain, fish tissue, sewage and wastewater.

Free estimates and consultation to determine your specific analytical needs are available upon request.

All analyses are performed observing relevant EPA protocols.

Lab performance is checked through frequent proficiency testing.

Lab is West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection certified



  • Rare Earth Elements
  • Utra Trace Metals
  • Majority of elements on periodic table

IC, LaChat & Discrete

Biological & General Chemistry:

Coal and Carbon Products Analysis Packages:

Additional Services


Go to this link for the Chain of Custody form.

For estimates and free consultation, contact:

Gabriel-Analytical lab

Gabriela Perhinschi
Laboratory Manager

G22 NRCCE Building
PO Box 6064
Morgantown, WV 26506-6064