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High Bay Research Lab

Collaboration and Innovation at Our High Bay Research Facility

The EI/NRCCE’s High Bay Research Laboratory provides adaptable and easily reconfigurable space for one or more projects.  The facility supports multi-scale research and is ideal for demonstrations of early-stage technologies. Collaboration is fostered by the unique building features with laboratory, storage, and meeting spaces within the building.

NRCCE High Bay Research Lab The High Bay Research Lab is located at the west end of the NRCCE building on the Evansdale campus of West Virginia UniversityOur loading dock and roll-up door provide excellent access to the lab.

The 4,000 square-foot high bay wing of the NRCCE building features a ceiling height of 34 feet at the main level. The facility is outfitted with a 10-ton bridge crane and a loading dock that allows trucks access into the building. The facility also includes a control room and additional specialized space for storing gas cylinders and non-flammable chemicals.

WVU faculty and industry partners have a variety of options for retaining space when available. Space will be provided on an “as is” basis. Space users must demonstrate the capability of providing funds for alteration, equipment and materials requirements, start-up costs, and decommissioning costs.

High Bay Features

Filter Sure in High Bay
Main floor high bay space housed a pilot plant to recycle produced water from a Marcellus shale gas well in a collaborative research project between the West Virginia Water Research Institute and start-up company, FilterSure.


Once granted 24/7 secured access to the space to conduct experimentation and research, you also
have easy access to amenities including:


•   Conference rooms and internet conferencing, as available

WVU Libraries

Evansdale Crossing

•    Media Innovation Center, a great venue for meetings

•    LaunchLab, one of several WVU entrepreneurship and innovation centers

•    Women’s Business Center

•    Barnes and Noble book store

•    Restaurants

All share the same campus with WVU’s Statler College of Engineering and Mineral
Resources, the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, College of
Creative Arts and College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. 

WVU Evansdale Campus Map

Specifications - Main Floor

Utilities Available

Steam Pipes

•  City water, city sewerage

•  Air @ 100-175 psig

•  Steam @ 50 psig

•  Natural Gas: none, currently. A standard, .25 psig line passes through the space and a 50 psig Dominion Hope line sits just outside the building with a “High Pressure Gas” line in the space that could be connected to service.

•  Power: two 480/277 panels total 625 amps; three 208/120 panels total 425 amps; can be customized for particular experiments. A GenSet generator provides building Life Safety Only support for emergency outages.

•   Lighting: 16 4-ft, four-bulb T5 fixtures 


Other Features

•   Floor loading capacity: 250 lbs. /sq. ft.

•    10-ton overhead bridge crane on traversing beams

•    Four floor anchors

•    Roll-up door, 14 ft. wide x 15 ft. high, accessing the loading dock

•    Concrete loading dock with ramp

•    Standard door access at the loading dock

•    Internal access via building hallway through double-wide doors

•    Three roof hatches available for exhaust plumes

•    Safety shower and eye wash station

•    Chemicals are stored with their Safety Data Sheets in dedicated cabinets. Gas cylinders are stored in nearby G11 when not in use. The handling, storage, and use of all compressed gases in cylinders is done in accordance with OSHA regulations.

•    Environmental control room for data collection and control devices with window for viewing operations 

High bay crane
10-ton bridge crane traverses two steel beams that run the entire length and width of the ceiling

High bay office 2
Window into main space from control room/office.

High bay loading dock door
Loading dock and roll-up door.

Specifications - Mezzanine

The Mezzanine is 18 ft above the main, ground floor laboratory space, accessed by a steel staircase internally or via an 8-ft door that exits to the side of the building.

Gross Available Space (18,000 cubic feet)

•    Area:  1,000 sq ft

•    Floor: 50 ft x 20 ft

•    Height: 18 ft floor to ceiling

Net Usable Space

•     Area: ~740 sq ft

•     Floor: refer to floor plan.  11 ft floor to crane's hook

•     Height: ~3 ft can be gained by relocating the crane 

mezzanine diagram group picture
High bay mezzanine where coal-to-liquids experiments were conducted by WVU researchers in collaboration with the Lu ‘An Group.

High bay stairs to the mezzanine

mezzanine gate

Additional Information
EI/NRCCE High Bay Regulations

The WVU Board of Governors is the governing body of WVU. The Higher Education Policy Commission in West Virginia is responsible for developing, establishing and overseeing the 


For additional information or to arrange a tour, contact:

Cristina Dumitrescu

Cristina Dumitrescu
EI/NRCCE Research Coordinator